Artist Studios 2

Anna-Mercedes Wear 

My work is figurative and I have enjoyed representing the human form in clay. My sculptures depict the figure in ordinary day to day scenes and observations of family life, each piece is unique with its’ own personal story.

When making my work I decorate slabs of clay using a combination of coloured slips over marked out impressed surfaces. I then carefully construct the slabs into figures and animals, I may fire the work up to six times adding layers of glazes, gold and coloured lustres.

With each of my pieces I try to capture a fleeting moment in time, a memory of something past and familiar.

Artist Studios 3

Meghan Downs Ceramics 

Meghan Downs creates unique slab built Earthenware ceramic forms that have a high focus on richly layered surface decoration, architectural illustration and a modern use of colour.

Hannah Staniforth Ceramics

Hannah creates thrown and hand built ceramics out of terracotta from studio 4 the starter studio at Manor Oaks, where she uses both controlled and uncontrolled methods of mark making. Coloured slips are applied through the use of monoprinting, sgraffito and slip trailing techniques Terra sigillata is also applied for a contrasting surface effect.

Facebook- Hannah Staniforth Ceramics
Twitter & Instagram- @hclsceramics