Runner ducks 1

We’re welcoming to Manor Oaks Farm four, very lovely, runner ducks. If you’ve never seen one, they are different to the ducks you might find at your local pond. They stand erect, a bit like penguins and they run, not waddle. They also don’t fly.

We are hoping that come spring they will incubate their eggs and give birth to babies. We can’t wait to have cute little ducklings wondering around site. They also have a reputation as fantastic layers so you may find duck eggs for sale in the Rhubarb Shed Café.

They’re currently being kept safe in their duck house due to avian flu outbreaks (thankfully none near us at this time) but as soon as the all clear is sounded you’ll find them splashing about in our duck pond.

Fun facts about runner ducks:

  • Only the females quack and drakes are limited to a whisper
  • They were originally found on the Indonesian islands of Lombok, Java and Bali only
  • Originally called penguin ducks due to the way they stand upright

If you fancy a giggle check out the video below of runner ducks on at South Africa’s Vergenoegd Vineyard. We admit it may be a little less dramatic on Manor Oaks Farm with only four ducks but no less cute!

Runner ducks 2

Check out the runner ducks in this video  They’re pretty funny when they run!