Our aim is to make your visit to SML as welcoming and enjoyable as possible. SML has a many different venues and experiences available for everyone to learn about this fascinating ‘hidden gem’ of a site. There are some physical challenges, including unsurfaced paths and slopes, and due to the age of some buildings we unfortunately cannot provide access for every visitor to every part of the site. We continually try to improve access for all our visitors and we are confident that we do offer opportunities for everyone to participate in.

Routes across our site

Green - a route is usable by anyone.
Yellow - a route that would cause some issues for wheelchair users but would be usable. 
Orange - a route that would cause issues for (8mph) scooter users but would be usable. 
Red - a route that is good for all walkers
Grey - a route that an unsteady walker may find difficult.

Access to Discovery Centre and Scheduled Ancient Monument

Parking on site is free. There are 2 accessible allocated parking bays for disabled drivers. 

There is an accessible toilet at the Discovery Centre and in Manor Oaks House. The cafe has a fully accessible changing space. Please see below for details.

Refreshments & Shelter
The Discovery Centre provides shelter and hot and cold drinks and snacks are available to buy. There are chairs and tables both inside and outside on a grassed area.

The Scheduled Ancient Monument
Access onto the scheduled ancient monument & grounds of the Manor is over grass from the Discovery Centre. The C16th Turret House is approximately 250 metres from the Centre. Access into the bottom floor of the Turret House & exhibitions is over a lipped threshold. Access onto the 1st and 2nd floors & further exhibitions is via a spiral stone staircase. For people using wheelchairs vehicle access can be arranged, by prior notice, to the Turret House.

Accessibility to Manor Oaks – Café, Artist Studios
The artist studios and ground floor of the cafe are fully accessible. Please ring the Rhubarb Shed if you would like to ensure downstairs seating for your visit as they get very busy. Please call: 07375 366429

Parking at Manor Oaks is free. There is one disabled bay for parking next to the cafe and artists studios and two next to our wedding venue. The top car park is on level ground, the bottom car park provides pedestrian access via a slope or steps. Access from the car park to the café and studios is best gained by returning to the entrance gate of the car park and crossing the vehicle track. This route is surfaced and level and is shared with site vehicles.

Toilets at the cafe
There is a large accessible changing toilet with a hoist and adult sized bed, with a parking bay outside at the cafe. If you require access to this, please speak with a member of staff or the café team.

Routes across our site

We have a network of paths which are open to the public and link the different parts of the site. The distance from the Discovery Centre to Manor Oaks is approximately 800m. The paths do vary in type of surfacing material and in gradient. We suggest that, if possible, visitors using wheelchairs should use those with wide tyres as this makes access easier and smoother.

Vehicles carrying people with limited mobility are permitted to drive within the site on certain routes. Please call our office first to discuss where and what you would like to access and we can advise you about how to do this safely in your own vehicle. Please do not drive straight onto the site without making prior arrangements as you will be challenged by staff.

Activities for Children

Green Estate has an annual programme of organised activities for children and families – many of which are accessible to all. In addition we also have informal play opportunities at the Discovery Centre which are accessible to most children. For more details please contact 0114 276 2828 during office hours .

We are constantly looking for ways to make our site more inclusive. To volunteer and/or make a suggestion please contact Juliet Grace on:
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Green Estate / Sheffield Manor Lodge:
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