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A great gift!

We love our animals on Manor Oaks Farm and hope you do too! Whether a cuddly rabbit, a playful pygmy goat, a curious donkey or a greedy pig is your favourite why not adopt and help us look after them?

Our adoption pack is a great gift for animal lovers. It includes:

· A passport with fun facts and details about your chosen animal

· An animal adoption badge to wear

· A FREE donkey ride

· An invite to a special adopter’s session where you can meet your animal, get to know them better and learn how we look after them

· Early bird information about events

A great support!

Adopting an Animal helps pay for vet bills, food, shelters and makes sure the animals are happy and healthy. It also gives your child the chance to enjoy taking care of an animal without the hassle!

Adoption pack prices

· Rabbits & Guinea Pigs £8

· Goats & Pigs £12.00

· Donkeys £20.00

NB: Your adoption price is for a whole year.

To adopt an animal come and visit us at Manor Oaks Farm or the Discovery Centre when they are open, or email: or call: 0114 267 7629.

Animal Adoption 5


I am playful and will be the first to run over to visitors to be petted. I can also be quite nosey and like to know what is going on at all times.

Animal Adoption 5


I am chilled out laid back but curious. I like to snoop around my field. I love my food and you can probably hear me in the morning as I can be quite loud.

Animal Adoption 5


I am a greedy guinea pig who scampers to food before anyone else can get there. I am shy though and will hide in my house if visitors approach to noisily.

Animal Adoption 5


I am easy to spot when out with the other rabbits because of my white coat and pink eyes. I love cuddles and having my extra fluffy fur brushed but be careful as I might leave it all over you when you hold me.

Animal Adoption 5


I am the cheekiest of the rabbits on the farm and love to have fun. I like hugs and attention but sometimes prefer to run about and play in the sunshine.

Animal Adoption 5


I have a little bit of an attitude but can be shy when it comes to playing with visitors. Once I get comfortable though I will soak up all the hugs and attention you can give me.

Animal Adoption 5


I am very friendly and love attention, especially when staff rub my ears and belly. I also like being tickled. You can tell because I lie down and start rolling around in the mud.

Animal Adoption 5


I am quite forceful and like to push my mum around, especially if she is in the way of my food. I like my belly rubbed and ticked by our farm ranger though I don’t like being disturbed when I’m sleeping.