Battle Re-enactment Event in June

Come along to our Battle Re-enactment Event in June

On Sunday 10th June, we are hosting our annual History Through The Ages Battle Re-enactment at our Tudor Ruins & Discovery Centre.

The day starts at 11am and finishes at 4pm.

Join Early Britains, Medieval Knights, Civil War Soldiers, Napoleonic Guards and WW1 and WW2 soldiers and ARP warden for fighting skirmishes and living history camps. See how warfare has evolved from the earliest days of England until the 2nd world war and experience what it was like for soldiers and their families to prepare for and live through some of Britain's biggest battles.

Battle Timetable 

12.30pm: Regia Anglorum  

Regia Anglorum means 'The Kingdoms of the English' and first came about in a time when Rome was no longer an influence and a nation was forged in the fire of change after change. Visit the early Britains in their 818AD camp, a time just after the first viking invasion and see them fight as they would soon need to against these Nordic invaders.

1.00pm: Team Falchion

Watch 14th century armour-clad knights do battle for the glory of England and the amusement of the lords, ladies and masses. At their camp see a range of skilled workers plying their trade and watch out for the ruffians who prefer to spend their time testing their mettle with a clash of arms.

1.30pm: English Civil War

See 17th century military and civil life recreated with a marching division, musket drill and firing, pike drill, Ensign and drums. New recruits (in the form of children) will be invited to swell the rank and files of both musket and pike. After visit their camp to find out what the soldiers would be up to while they weren't battling. Visit the laundry, blacksmith, sutlery and barbers surgeon.

2.00pm: Coldstream Guards 1815

See how the 2nd Battalion, Coldstream Guards  would have fought during the Waterloo Campaign in 1815 and meet their wives and families at their living camp.

2.30pm: Henry VIII and his wives (replacement fro WW1 reenactors)

Henry VIII will share with you his story, introducing you to two of his prominent wives.  Katerina D’Aragon will urge you to sympathise with her demise, after all how could her husband cast her aside after 24 years for Anne Boleyn! Anne has held Henry in her palm, saving her honour and why shouldn't she be Queen, she will give him that longed for heir.  This is played out under the watchful gaze of Thomas Cromwell, Henry’s right hand man.

3.00pm: World War II Jeeps 

As well as the battle grounds there will be living camps and chances to join and have a go. There will also be a Bouncy castle, Facepainting* and the sandpit will be open for our younger visitors.

Feeling hungry or fancy some medieval ale?

When you get a bit peckish you can visit Go Get Stuffed for the best Naanwhich in town or The Wood Fired Pizza company.

To really get in the mood (adults only of course), the Golden Grail Tavern will be joining us. They are a Medieval Inn selling traditional drinks from the Middle Ages including orchard wine, mead, grog and ale.

Joining in with battle at history through the ages

Adults £6  Children £3  Family ticket £15 (2 adults, 3 children)

Season Ticket Holders and FOSML:  Adults £5; Children £2.50; Family Ticket: £12.50 (2 adults, 3 children)

*charged separately

Stone Age Hunter School Sessions at Sheffield Manor Lodge

Come and join our Stone Age Hunter school sessions at Sheffield Manor Lodge

We want to say a big thank you as we recently received a grant from the St Georges Society to improve our Stone Age Hunter school sessions. So, we've invested in fire starting kits, faux fur for our hut buildings and childrens costumes, stone henge blocks and hats for our history timeline. We've already started using them with schools and its made them so much more fun and immersive for pupils.

Here's the team at Sheffield Sheffield Manor Lodge having a play with the new equipment. Well, someone's got to field test it before the kids arrive! Our stone age sessions are friendly and fun, focusing on informal education sessions.

Stone Age Hunter School Sessions 2

The team are Education Officer, Kate (in the blue hat) and Education assistants, Rachel (in Roman Helmet) and Denise (in the Georgian wig).

Stone Age Hunter School Sessions 3

About the session

In the session pupils discover how people survived in the harsh stone age conditions. To eat they must learn tracking and hunting skills including making their own spear. They see how this became easier as weapons developed into bows and arrows. Protection from the elements is vital so shelters from branches and furs are built and they try and start a fire using a bow and drill kit.Choose from one of two final activities (or both!).

Option 1: The hunters will consider what stone circles were used for, before racing against each other to move the giant stones of Stone Henge across site on rollers and going through a tribal initiation ceremony.

Option 2: Imagine squeezing your way into a dark cave to find the perfect place to create a pictograph. Children will have a go at painting by candlelight with their own paint and feather brushes.

The session is £4 per pupil and for an extra £1 per pupil you can choose both options extending the visit by 45 minutes.

KS2 National Curriculum Links: Changes in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age

As well as the Stone Age sessions, in 2018 we are launching a KS4 Mary Queen of Scots session, so keep an eye out. We also run sessions on Tudor lifestyle and some of the wacky remedies that they used and believed worked in Tudor times. You can see more here

Get in touch on 0114 276 2828 ext 647 or email to book your session.


2018 Opening Hours

We may not quite have reached the end of 2017 yet  but we thought we'd let you know when we'll be open for 2018.

There's some important changes so please check dates and times carefully but we hope that this will enable us to welcome more visitors to the Tudor grounds and have more people celebrate their wedding with us. We've also changed our opening hours for school holidays to let children explore even longer.

Manor Lodge Tudor Open Days                              11am—4pm

Every Sunday, Easter to Mid October (1st April to 14th October)

£3 per adult, Children Free*


1940s Open Days                                               11am—4pm

Third Sunday of the month April to October

£1 per adult, Children free*


Season Pass                                                        

All year access to Tudor and 1940s open days plus discounts on special events and lectures.

£10 per adult*     £8 per OAP/Student*     £16 per couple*


Rhubarb Shed Café (new premises next to Artist Studios)

Monday—Saturday       9am—3pm

Sunday          10am—3pm


School Holiday Crafts      £4 per crafter

Tuesday to Friday         11am—3pm

Discovery Centre open until 4pm for play and outside exploration


*Prices may vary on major event days



Visit Manor Cottages for a True 1940's Experience

Visit Manor Cottages at Sheffield Manor Lodge for a true 1940's experience

Visit Manor Cottages for a true 1940's experience. You will meet ARP warden John Barnes and his family and find out what life on Manor Oaks Farm would have been like during World War Two including how they ate, lived and worked the land.

Whilst exploring you can try your hand at putting out an incendiary bomb, wash without electricity and children can dress up as an evacuee. Don’t worry we have a few full size outfits if the adults want to join in too!

1940s school session 1

On certain weekends you will hear stories of the Sheffield Blitz, see the ARP wardens extensive collection of WW2 artifacts including the bible that stopped a bullet and saved a soldiers life and have a go at 1940s craft for £1 in the exhibition room.

These activities vary so please check the events calendar for more details of each open day.

Our 2017 opening times are Sunday 22nd October and Sunday 19th November (when we will have our 'It's a 1940s Christmas' event and we are open from 11am - 4pm. The entry fee is £1 per adult, but if you have a season pass it is FREE.

So come on down in October and November for a true 1940's experience at the Manor Cottages at Sheffield Manor Lodge.