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Manor Oaks Farm

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We offer a farm experience for people with personal budgets which allows you to indulge in activity you enjoy, expand your friendships and gain valuable work experience. We welcome anyone who wants to join us and we will support you in your personal ambitions and individual aspirations, celebrate your achievements and ensure you progress with your life.

What we can promise you

A warm welcome — be part of our wide community of staff, volunteers and visitors to site. Experience and gain from friendships and support. Through close support gain confidence and skills in a variety of social interactions and situations.

A busy and interesting day — get involved and learn new skills with routine tasks so our animals are well cared for and loved, and make choices about a wide range of other activity on offer.

An active role — develop your individual interests, the ability to voice opinions and shape outcomes for yourself. Contribute fully to the work of other teams across the company, influence the management of the farm, support community events and activities and understand the worth and value of what you can do for others.

What will you do?

You will:

· help look after our chickens, ducks, rabbits, guinea pigs, donkeys, pigs and goats

· grow & harvest herbs, fruit & vegetables for use in the café, or if you prefer for taking home for your tea

· learn how to weave willow, do woodwork and traditional crafts and design and create seasonal crafts.

One popular progression route is to help train our donkeys and support children’s rides on site, work alongside other Green Estate teams doing a wide variety of practical tasks and supporting our visitors.

When: Every Monday, Tuesday and/or Thursday 9am—3:30pm

Location: Manor Oaks Farm

Cost: £48 per day, 50 weeks a year

Telephone Juliet on 0114 267 7629 or email Juliet for more information.

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