DIY Weddings – Your Wedding, Your Way

//DIY Weddings – Your Wedding, Your Way

DIY Weddings – Your Wedding, Your Way

A DIY wedding means you get your dream day – unique to you – and its easier than you might imagine. Especially when your venue will do the cleaning up!

Let’s face it, we don’t all want marble dance floor and a 12 foot cake with a hundred white doves flying out of it, nor could we afford them even if we did. We are all different and a DIY wedding means the opportunity to have the wedding you really want, saving money along the way. DIY can be really simple and enjoyable and with just a little bit of thought you can have your own unique wedding.

We’ve put together this handy list based on our experience to get you started.

  1. Think about what you both love before you begin. We’ve all seen TV shows where one partner plans a wedding for the other and gets it wrong. Don’t organise a wrestling wedding if the groom wouldn’t be seen dead in a leotard. Do you want a theme or a style? Whatever you want make sure you both love the idea.
  1. Where will you wed? Of course we’d love you to consider Manor Lodge for your nuptials, but there are umpteen options in Sheffield. From warehouses to hotels, even a football ground – you can find a venue that suits you. Did I mention Manor Lodge?
Sheffield Manor Lodge Turret House River of Flowers Wedding

Sheffield Manor Lodge Turret House – ceremony venue

  1. Get Googling. Goodness me the internet is a wonderful place for wedding ideas. Pinterest will show you how to do everything from making your own leaf confetti to pom-pom bunting. Do bear in mind the size of your venue though; you might need a lot of pom-poms so best get raiding the knitting bag.
  1. Be careful with your shopping and stick to your budget. Oh yes the internet is great, but it’s also rife with temptation. There are lots of things you probably don’t need, handmade biscuits with your faces on for example.
  1. What to wear? Nowadays you can pretty much find and wear whatever you fancy. From beautiful bridal gowns, to handmade 1950s style dresses; fitted suits to casual clothes. Whatever you choose, shop around and remember, if you want a nerf battle in the hay bales perhaps don’t wear a corset, or at the very least take a change of clothes.
  1. Wash some jam jars. Jam jars are clearly the answer for simplistic decoration. Cover them with washi tape or raffia, pop lights inside or beautiful wildflowers and you have a simple cheap way to add a twinkle. It’s probably best to remove the marmalade labels first though.
    Wedding reception at Sheffield Manor Lodge

    Jam jars and wildflowers and simple and lovely

  2. Think about how you will record the event. Maybe you want a professional photographer, or maybe the guests can take more informal pictures and upload them with your own special hashtag before you’ve even taken off your party shoes.
  1. Food glorious food – A wedding can call for a formal sit down three course meal but nowadays you can really mix it up and have what you really enjoy eating. A buffet, a barbeque, a full on hog roast or even enchiladas street food style. How about pizza cooked in a mobile pizza oven, mmm pizza. Sorry where was I? Manor Lodge has the added bonus of Rhubarb Shed onsite but you can use your own caterers too.
    Catering 1


  2. Laying on some entertainment – Maybe you want something beautiful and traditional like a string quartet to play you into the wedding. Or maybe you want the guests to bring their own instruments and put on a talent show. If you go for the latter be prepared for Auntie June’s rendition of ‘My Old Man Said Follow the Van’ at full volume. You might need to think how to entertain the little ones too – you could rent games for the kids (of all ages) or download colouring sheets from the internet. You could even set a treasure hunt around the venue. In fact a treasure hunt around the apothecary garden at Manor Lodge sounds lovely…
    DIY wedding Sheffield Manor Lodge

    Music can be simple (though an orchestra is great too!)

  1. Finally ask the experts. Your venue will have lots of connections, from food and drink to entertainment. If you want to book a way for your guests to do archery, ask your venue first. They may have a list of archers, or at the very least know where you can hire a Robin Hood costume. Got an unusual idea? Manor Lodge is very keen to rise to the challenge so just ask and see what they can do to help.

So what are the downsides? If you go for a DIY wedding then there is a little more planning to do but it doesn’t have to be complex and some venues will be happy to support you. A lot of venues might ask you to clear away the detritus the following day. Manor Lodge don’t but some do. Clearing away empty bottles of prosecco could be very unwelcome on your first day as a married couple. Plus you are going to have to hang all that pom-pom bunting somewhere.

Oh and if you do want white doves you’ll have to work out how to put them in the cake yourself.

Ultimately it seems to us that DIY could be the way forward. Your perfect wedding, your way.

If you would like more information about weddings at Sheffield Manor Lodge then please visit our page

If you’d like to arrange a viewing or ask a question then our wedding team would love to help. Just email or call: 0114 276 2828 ext 648

New indoor wedding venue at Sheffield Manor Lodge

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