First Monday Lecture with Eric Jackson: After You’re Dead – History of Grave Robbing

October 5, 2020 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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First Monday Lecture with Eric Jackson: After You’re Dead – History of Grave Robbing

Our Monday evening talks are back!

We start with Eric Jackson and his History of Graverobbing.

'After You're Dead' tells the story of the rise of anatomy as a science in the 16th century and the concomitant need for bodies on which the anatomists could practice. It tells of how the bodies of certain executed criminals were granted for dissection but as this was insufficient due to the growth of schools of anatomy, grave robbers began stealing bodies to sell to the anatomists.

It details the measures taken to guard against having your, or the body of your loved one stolen.

It details the activities of the most famous of the body snatchers, Burke and Hare, the rise in  the voluntary donation of bodies for medical research and some more modern-day examples of body snatching, interspersed with some light-hearted touches of related information along the way.

Your safety is our priority

We know you will have lots of questions about how we are ensuring the safety of our visitors, volunteers and staff. We have carried out an extensive risk assessment and made changes to the way we operate our talks:

  • The talks will talk place at Manor Oaks House. This bigger venue will ensure social distancing.
  • Tickets must be purchased in advance online or via telephone (0114 276 2828 ext 647)
  • Audience numbers will be limited.
  • We ask that you wear masks upon entering the building unless you have a medical exemption.
  • A one way system will operate for entering and leaving the building.
  • Chairs will be socially distanced according to social bubbles (please provide details when booking).
  • Chairs will be socially distanced from the speaker.
  • We will serve teas and coffees to you at your seat.
  • Manor Oaks House undergoes additional cleaning on a daily basis.
  • Sanitiser stations will be set up for visitor use in toilets and venue.

We follow government guidance closely and will adapt to any changes as required.


October 5, 2020
7:00 pm
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