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The outdoor environment offers wonderful opportunities to capture children’s imaginations through simple games and targeted explorations. All the activities are adaptable to your setting and guidance handouts are included.

All spaces have potential, but sometimes it isn’t fully obvious how great that can be. Learning to look with new eyes can help realise what your area has to offer in terms of play and learning.

In this workshop we will look at all the possible elements in a       typical outdoor space – natural and built. You will learn how to    introduce more interest or ‘continuous provision’ (temporarily as well as permanently) and how to develop and organise a space so each area within it can function more effectively for both you and your children.



£45 per person including handouts and certificate

To book or if you have any questions:

Call: 07952717984, email: yardexplorers@gmail.com or visit: www.yardexplorers.co.uk


About Yard Explorers

Yard Explorers is run by Jane Wratten, a primary teacher and landscape designer with a particular interest in developing and using outdoor spaces for creative play and learning. Jane works as a designer with Green Estate Landscapes. Yard Explorers run workshops, training and consultancy for KS1 and Foundation settings. Also available for KS2/Special Needs settings on request.