Help People Discover Sheffield's Best Kept Secret

May 4, 2017

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Green Estate is a not-for-profit social enterprise.  We have managed Sheffield Manor Lodge (SML) since 2002 responsible for implementing a major programme of investment to establish Sheffield Manor Lodge as a vibrant and valued community asset.  The site is now transformed into a welcoming and public facing venue which is well used by local people, and by an increasing audience from across Sheffield and beyond.  It boasts a wide range of important cultural, heritage, leisure and community assets and is a significant recreational resource.  It is home to South Yorkshire’s largest Scheduled Ancient Monument, artist studios, a café, a small urban farm, expanses of open parkland, formal gardens, picnic areas and a magnificent viewpoint affording a little known view of the city, the Don Valley and the surrounding hills.

SML is a site of national historic significance as the Tudor home to the 6th Earl of Shrewsbury and his wife Bess of Hardwick, both important noble figures in English history, and is renowned for hosting visits by Mary Queen of Scots during her 14 year captivity in Sheffield.  Today, located in the middle of the large inter-war social housing estates of Manor and Wybourn, Sheffield Manor Lodge is of equal importance and interest for its local history and its parkland and farm area is of tremendous recreational value for its the local Manor and Castle area and local communities.

Our ambitions for the site centre on implementation of a 10 year plan to turn Sheffield Manor Lodge into Sheffield’s premier outdoor attraction.  The imagery we wish to achieve from this photography brief will assist us on the first step of this journey.  Because of a limited budget we propose to work closely with a photographer, who would value being part of this exciting project, to ensure what we want from the brief is deliverable.  A successful partnership could lead to on-going work to support what will be a phased development programme.


If you are interested in being a part of this new development we will discuss with you how we can utilise our budget to achieve our aims within a rate you can work within.

What are we after?

We need a fresh, new, and vibrant suite of photos that represent SML, the variety of activities that take place and most critically the engagement of our diverse audiences.  These images will be the key visual representation of SML for the next 2-3 years. We are looking for photographs which develop our existing and successful style to a new level. (Examples of previous images used attached).

How they are to be used?

Our main priority is to have images for use on large scale roadside banners and interpretation boards across the site and off-site.  Roadside banners will be a maximum size of 2200mm x 800mm.

They will also be used within leaflets and small publications, and extensively on-line.


Higher resolution set of images at 300dpi that can be used on a large scale at 75 ppi.  Both portrait and landscape versions will be needed of the same images.

What do we want people to feel when seeing our images? 

  • That we’re a welcoming venue which offers a cosy, bit quirky, family orientated visitor attraction.
  • That everyone (diversity) is welcome to enjoy, explore and discover on our site.
  • That our site offers something a little bit different to other places.

What do we want to stand out in our photos? 

Our previously successful images have been ones which are people centred with a soft focus (see examples).

We want this emphasis to continue and to reflect that SML is a place where our visitors can have interactions with our staff, our animals, our events and activities, and that we are people orientated and encourage strong engagement for visitors.  We want our images to show a diverse profile of our audiences including the very young, older people, families and BME.

What do I want people to do once they have seen the photos?

  • Recognise us and our product
  • Be so intrigued they look for further information
  • Get in touch
  • Try us out
  • Tell their friends and family
  • Engage with us


Our new images need to capture the following:

  1. Celebrate – Your wedding, your way
  2. Discover – History and heritage from Tudor to today
  3. Create – get crafty/activities to keep you busy all holiday
  4. Support – contribute to make a difference
  5. Indulge – bistro style cakes, coffee, chocolate and other tasty treats
  6. Belong – volunteer with our dedicated teams
  7. Explore – wild flower meadows, nature and stunning views
  8. Excite – be part of event day action
  9. Enjoy – spend some quality time together
  10. Engage – get down on the farm and up close with our animals

Some of these will need staging to reduce time (and cost) implications, and we would work with a photographer to bring in people for these shots.  However we would want these images to look as un-staged and natural as possible.

Images will need to be taken outdoors, in sunshine and at Sheffield Manor Lodge.

When we need doing?

By the end of July 2017.

Image Copyrights

GE to have full copyright.


All of the images to be provided as digital copies without watermarks. Images must be 300dpi and a JPEG file. Images can be provided on a USB or via dropbox or similar file sharing service.

Think you can help?

Please email a CV and a link to your work to: by 5pm on 31st May 2017

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the brief please email: or 0114 276 2828 ext 647 and ask for Juliet Grace or Kate Hughes.[/fusion_text][/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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