Pupils dressed as Tudor Children on a Sheffield Manor Lodge School Trip
Immersive, hands on history school trips covering the Tudors, Castles and the Stone Age.

Key Stage 1, 2 and 3 - Castles, Tudors and Stone Age School Trips

Key Stage 1 School Session - Castles 

Pupils have an interactive tour of the site, visiting the apothecary’s garden and even the oldest toilet in Sheffield before dressing up as a Prince and Princess as well as their servants. They will venture up the spiral staircase of the turret house to view a magnificent feast fit for royalty. Back at our Discovery Centre children will make lavender and herb bags to ward away the nasty smells of castle life.

National Curriculum Link: significant historical events, people and places in your own locality

Key Stage 2 school session - Tudor Health and Hygiene

How often did the Tudors bathe and what ailments did they think boiling pigeon droppings in milk would cure? Children will answer these questions and more in our session designed to look at why the Tudors were some of the smelliest people in history.

Pupils will uncover the mystery of the weird and wacky remedies Tudors used to cure illnesses and find out exactly why a visit to a Tudor Doctor was an unnerving experience, even getting the chance to get up close with a plague doctor by dressing up. They will get the chance to investigate herbs growing in the apothecary’s garden and finally make a sweet smelling pomander to disguise the horrible smells of Tudor England.

National Curriculum Links: a local history study and a study of an aspect or theme in British history that extends pupils’ knowledge beyond 1066

Key Stage 2 school session - Tudor Rich and Poor

Pupils will discover the stark differences between the lives of a wealthy family and their servants in Tudor times by exploring the site, from the decorated banqueting room to Sheffield’s earliest toilet.

Children will have the opportunity to dress up in authentic children’s Tudor costumes, see the difficulties that Tudor Ladies faced in getting dressed and discover just how dirty the servants might have got! They will also explore inventories, creating their own with quill and ink and see how little Tudor peasants had to survive with. Finally children will make a replica Tudor coin purse.

National Curriculum Links: a local history study and a study of an aspect or theme in British history that extends pupils’ knowledge beyond 1066

Key Stage 2 or Key Stage 3 School Session -  Mary Queen of Scots on Trial

In this session pupils discover the story of the 14 year captivity of Mary Queen of Scots in Sheffield as well as the Earl of Shrewsbury and his wife, Bess of Hardwick. They will be able to explore the buildings in which she was kept including the Turret House, the only roofed building surviving in England that she would have known.

Pupils will gather evidence to decide whether they believe Mary to be innocent or guilty of the crimes charged against including code breaking messages from the infamous Anthony Babington. At the end of the day they will decide the fate of Mary, Queen of Scots.

KS2 National Curriculum Links: a local history study and a study of an aspect or theme in British history that extends pupils’ chronological knowledge beyond 1066

KS3 National Curriculum Link: a local history study, the development of church, state and society in Britain 1509-1745 and the Elizabethan religious settlement and conflict with Catholics

Key Stage 2 school session - Become a Stone Age Hunter

On this school trip pupils will discover how people survived in the harsh stone age conditions. To eat they must learn tracking and hunting skills including making their own spear and shooting bow and arrows. Shelter building to protect them from the elements is vital as is learning to start a fire with a bow and drill.

Imagine squeezing your way into a dark cave to find the perfect place to create a pictograph. Children will have a go at painting by candlelight with their own paint and feather brushes.

The hunters will finish by racing against each other to move the giant stones of Stone Henge across site and becoming an official member of the tribe.

KS2 National Curriculum Links: Changes in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age

Key Stage 1 - Key Stage 3 School Trip Booking and Prices

Castles and Tudor Sessions
£4.50 per child
3 1/2 hours including lunch and play
Two Tudor Sessions
£6 per child
4 1/2 hours including lunch and play
Stone Age Session
£5 per child
4 hours including lunch and play
To discuss any of our school trip sessions, arrange a pre trip visit or to book please contact our education officer by calling 0114 276 2828 ext 647 or via email: visit@greenestate.org
Please complete the section in the booking form with details of any pupils with special or additional needs and allergies. If you are a special needs school we can adapt sessions to your needs. Visit our accessibility page for information on disabled access and facilities.
The site and sessions have been assessed for their risks. Risk assessments will be sent out with all booking forms. All education staff are first aid trained and hold a DBS check.
If you would like to visit our shop please let us know on the booking form. 
We may ask whether we are able to take photos during your visit. 
We will never take photos of children or staff without authorisation.

AQA GCSE Historic Environment Study 

Online or at school presentation with David Templeman, Author of Mary, Queen of Scots, The Captive Queen in England, and Chair of the Friends of Sheffield Manor Lodge.
With many years of archival research, David Templeman is the expert on the English Captivity of Mary, Queen of Scots. In 2016, he published his book, Mary, Queen of Scots: The Captive Queen in England 1568-87, the first study to explore in-depth Mary’s experiences during her imprisonment in England and the fourteen years she spent in Sheffield. David’s work has highlighted the important role of Sheffield Manor Lodge during Mary’s life and has led to the site being chosen as the AQA Historic Environment location for 2023.

To support students studying the site, David is offering the opportunity to learn more about the context of Mary’s imprisonment in Sheffield through a rich and insightful one-hour illustrated talk.

The Presentation
The presentation will include a one-hour talk by David Templeman. Separately you will be sent an activity sheet and three videos filmed at Sheffield Manor Lodge which can be used in your lessons.
The talk will explore:
• The lives of George and Bess Talbot and why they were chosen to be Mary’s jailors
• The reasons why Sheffield, and in particular, Sheffield Manor Lodge were chosen as Mary’s prison
• The plots and intrigues which involved Mary during her lifetime
• Mary’s life during her captivity in Sheffield
Students will also have the opportunity to ask their own questions to David about the site and Mary’s time there.

The three videos, filmed with costumed interpreters at Sheffield Manor Lodge, will explore what life would have been like at Sheffield Manor Lodge through the eyes of George Talbot, his wife Bess, and Mary, Queen of Scots.

The activity sheet uses the 1582 inventory accounts of Sheffield Manor Lodge to encourage students to think about the wealth of George Talbot and the conditions Mary was kept it while in Sheffield Manor Lodge. Students will match up Tudor descriptions of objects and rooms to their modern-day translation. They will then be asked to put themselves in Mary’s shoes and write a letter as Mary about her thoughts and feelings about being imprisoned in Sheffield.

Prices and Booking
The talk is offered in-person and online via Zoom. This can be delivered to individual classes or to a larger group. Pricing is dependent on the number of times the presentation is delivered:

• Once:   £95 
• Twice:  £145

The presentation is approximately one hour plus 20 minutes for questions.
A break will be required between one and two deliveries.  

Please note the price for an in-person is the same price as the online talk with the additional cost of transportation. This is charged at 45p a mile or will cover the cost of a train and/or taxi fare.

David is not affiliated with The Green Estate CIC and his talk is separate to the AQA school session offered by the company at Sheffield Manor Lodge. The proceeds from the talks go to the Friends of Sheffield Manor Lodge, a charity who support the preservation and restoration of Sheffield Manor Lodge.

If you have any questions or are interested in booking David as part of your Historic Environment Study, please contact visit@greenestate.org
On site workshop: The Study of a Historic Site - Elizabethan England
Our on site workshop is sold out until May 2023.
If you would like to be added to our reserve list please get in touch.
We’ve three brand new sessions developed specifically for the AQA Historic Environment Site Study but that can be enjoyed by any KS4 groups visiting on a school trip. Our sessions enrich and expand students understanding of our rich Tudor story, including the captivity of the infamous Mary, Queen of Scots.

Imprisoned for 14 years in the care of George Talbot, Lord of Sheffield Manor Lodge, throughout this time there was plotting, pregnancy rumours and near bankruptcy which paved the way for Mary’s ultimate demise.

The Sessions

Meet the cast
Based in our grade II* listed Turret House discover through video the stories of Mary, Queen of Scots, George Talbot, and Bess of Hardwick from the people themselves.
Investigate how life was for each of them, their relevance, culture and ultimately how the imprisonment took its toll.

Plots and Intrigue
Explore the ruins and grounds in this exciting practical team challenge. Can you get through the corridors, find the clues and ultimately decode Mary’s, Queen of Scots letter? This ‘escape room’ style session will test the students teamwork and communication skills.

Sheffield Manor Lodge now sits within the city of Sheffield, but what was the site like in the 1500’s? Explore inventories and architecture to fully appreciate why this site was chosen for Mary, Queen of Scots imprisonment within the geographical and political landscape.

Prices and Booking
Please note we are fully booked until November

Pick two of our sessions for a half day or choose all three for a full day visit.
Two sessions £5.50 per pupil
Three sessions £7.50 per pupil
All adults free
Please note: our session is designed for up to 60 pupils but if you would like to bring more than this please talk to us.

If you would like to book or have any questions then please call us on 0114 276 2828 or email visit@greenestate.org
Turret House surrounded by Pictorial Meadows

The Captive Queen in England Book

Find out exactly what happened to Mary, Queen of Scots in captivity, including her stay at Sheffield Manor Lodge,  and how it culminated in the tragedy at Fotheringhay. This biography by David Templeman, Chair of the Friends of Sheffield Manor Lodge, was published to critical acclaim in Autumn 2016.
Buy the book
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