Twilight sessions aimed at Foundation and Key Stage 1

The outdoor environment offers wonderful opportunities to capture children’s imaginations through simple games and targeted explorations. All the activities are adaptable to your setting and guidance handouts are included.

  •  October 10th  2018       4pm—6pm              Introduction to playing and learning in the outdoors
  •  November 14th 2018   4pm—6pm              Making the most of your outdoor space
  •  March 6th 2019                4pm—6pm              Outdoor Builders, Storytellers and Markmakers
  •  April 17th 2019              4pm—6pm               Outdoor Mathematicians
  •  May 22nd 2019              4pm—6pm               Outdoor Problem Solvers
  •  June 5th 2019                4pm—6pm               Outdoor Artists


Introduction to playing and learning in the outdoors

Being outdoors is fun…and children are fully motivated and learn their best when having fun. Rather than seeing the outdoors just as   a place to let off steam or use for an occasional ‘extra’ activity, it can and should be a fundamental part of your children’s playing and learning environment.

This workshop will inspire you to value the special difference and potential of the outdoors by introducing  examples of interesting (and achievable) learning environments and flexible, affordable resources alongside showing some of the activities children can enjoy using them.


Making the most of your outdoor space

All spaces have potential, but sometimes it isn’t fully obvious how great that can be. Learning to look with new eyes can help realise what your area has to offer in terms of play and learning.

In this workshop we will look at all the possible elements in a typical outdoor space – natural and built. You will learn how to    introduce more interest or ‘continuous provision’ (temporarily as well as permanently) and how to develop and organise a space so each area within it can function more effectively for both you and your children.


Outdoor Builders, Storytellers and Markmakers

The great outdoors is a wonderful place to free up children’s imaginations. They can make a simple story out of precious little…but create and act out their own ‘plays’ through engaging with a space that has interest and flexibility.

This workshop will demonstrate how an environment with plenty of varied spaces and resources enables children to create their own worlds. Building with larger ‘loose parts’ develops wider physical strength, confidence and capability for creative play, whilst using tools and natural resources making mini-worlds strengthens hands and fingers, developing the fine motor skills that help with writing formation.


Outdoor Mathematicians

The outdoors has a wealth of material waiting to be discovered that makes ‘everyday’ maths both real and relevant to children. ‘Environmental maths’ is all around us.

In this workshop we will use the natural and built surroundings as well as an array of ‘loose parts’ to develop engaging, hands-on, investigative learning and games. These will introduce important mathematical concepts that can transfer easily into more formal learning situations.


Outdoor Problem Solvers

Children love a challenge. If they are regularly in a place that has interest and flexibility, they can, given time, become deeply involved with ‘sorting out’ a whole range of situations both practically and intellectually. This enables them to fully communicate with one    another, feed their innate curiosity to engage and persist with a ‘problem’ that they are actually responsible for producing! This workshop offers participants a chance to try out a range of activities – some provided, some of your own making – in order to explore how satisfying and productive this simple ‘problem’ situation can be.


Outdoor Artists

Outdoor Art is sooooo exciting! You can make BIGGER and MESSIER creations than anywhere inside. Earth, plants, sticks and water offer a huge range of potential combinations for fun especially when there are so many different surfaces and other structures to play with.

This workshop will introduce a range of arty experiences using both natural materials (many available on site) as well as the more conventional ones, all used in a different way to indoors. Come dressed appropriately…!



£45 per person including handouts and certificate

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About Yard Explorers

Yard Explorers is run by Jane Wratten, a primary teacher and landscape designer with a particular interest in developing and using outdoor spaces for creative play and learning. Jane works as a designer with Green Estate Landscapes. Yard Explorers run workshops, training and consultancy for KS1 and Foundation settings. Also available for KS2/Special Needs settings on request.