We are closed on Sundays until April 2022. Join us for special events at Halloween and Christmas.

Discover our meadows and gardens stretching across the site from the Tudor grounds to the Rhubarb Shed Cafe and beyond. 
Apothecary Garden at Sheffield Manor Lodge in full flower

The Tudor Grounds

Here perennial meadows create meandering pathways within the ruins with shots of annual colour popping throughout. 

You'll also find more formal areas including the apothecary garden where scents of medicinal and culinary herbs that were well known in Tudor times fill the air. There's also the lavender labyrinth, a great to spot to literally loose yourself in. The planting is inspired by Tudor gardens and is bordered by pleached pear, fig and walnut trees. Roses, iris, day lilies form the edging beds.

Colliery Hill

The planting that frames our green roofed discovery centre is filled with the strong Tudor colours of gold, crimson and purple. You’ll also find long flowering perennial meadows changing colour and form throughout the year. 

Visit the viewpoint to enjoy a panorama across Sheffield and the Lower Don Valley and also see how an urban heathland is developing slowly but beautifully on this historic mine site.
Green Roofed Discovery Centre in Pictorial Meadows
The arena surrounded by Pictorial Meadows

The Arena

Our perennial meadows will gradually be taking centre stage with all of our mixes on display around our arena. You can enjoy walks around this open green space to the Rhubarb Shed Cafe or choose to loop back to the Discovery Centre via our pocket Woodland. Here the path is flanked either side with meadows and further up emerges through our rain garden. 

The Future Nature Garden at the Rhubarb Shed Cafe

From green roofs to living walls, detention basins and butterfly mounds, this 2012 Chelsea Garden design provides a demonstration of how understanding water scarcity and different water management techniques can underpin a wide range of beautiful and wildlife friendly planting zones.
Manor Oaks House barn extension with rustic frontage sits amongst flowers in its cottage garden

Manor Oaks House

Manor Oaks House is a Georgian farmhouse with complimentary barn extension the garden is designed with a country cottage feel.

Please note this space is used for weddings and private venue hire and closed to the public except on special events.

Pictorial Meadow Trial Fields

The trial fields are where we test different species and mixes, meadow management techniques, the impact of different soils and much more.  Although this space is not normally open to the public you can view this beautiful vista from the Manor Oaks car park. 

Look out for our marvellous meadows events where you can wander our trial fields and meet the experts.
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