The dust has settled after our battle reenactment but boy did we have fun!

June 21, 2018

We’ve only just recovered from our History Through the Ages Re-enactment (and sorting through all the fabulous photos) and thought we’d share some of the excitement. We also want to say a HUGE thank you to all the reenactors.

At 7am the site was shrouded in mist but the sun soon burned through to provide us with a glorious day. First up were Regia Anglorum who did battle from their 818AD camp with Viking Invaders.










Next it was the turn of 14th century armour-clad knights do battle for the glory of England and the amusement of the lords, ladies and masses of course.

Muskets were in use by the 17th century and civil war soldiers showcased their firing as visiting children swelled the ranks to learn pike skills.

History Through the Ages veterans, the 2nd Battalion of the Coldstream Guards  were back showing off their firing skills and looking very smart indeed.

Sheffield Manor Lodge is a Tudor site so we thought it was pertinent to invite royalty to preside over the event. Henry VIII and two of his wives, Katherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn honoured us with their presence, along with his faithful secretary, Thomas Cromwell. He was certainly a lot of fun and firm visitor favourite!


Away from the battlefield visitors visited WW2 jeeps, dressed up with Bess of Hardwick, drank medieval grog and visited living camps.

The action looked even better from the sky. 

Here's what one of our visitors had to say on Trip Advisor:

"Absolutely brilliant day out with the family. There was something for everybody. The atmosphere was great, the re-enactment was very good and the whole day was so enjoyable and at £15 for the family it was worth every penny. We visit regularly as it's a lovely place to explore and take a picnic and just enjoy being sat in such an amazing place. Can't wait to see King Henry again, he made my day!"

We had a fantastic day and we want to say a big thank you to everyone who cam to visit, all the reenactors and of course our amazing volunteer team, without whom our events and open days would not be possible.

See you 2nd June 2019!

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