Pupils dressed as Tudor Children on a Sheffield Manor Lodge School Trip
Hands on history school workshops covering the Tudors, Castles and the Stone Age.

The Tudors and Castles - KS1 and KS2

Delve into the daily life of a Tudor manor house and discover the story of Mary, Queen of Scots and her captors George Talbot and Bess of Hardwick. Our workshops take place in the Turret House, amongst the ruins and in our Discovery Centre.

Set Workshop

These activities form the basis of all our workshops. 
Tour of the Ruins (with or without Mary, Queen of Scotsʼ early life PowerPoint).
Meal for Mary Find out how rich and poor ate in Tudor times and make a “marzipan fruit”.
Tudor Clothing Dress up in Tudor costume and see the difference between rich and their servants.
Half  day
9:30am - 12:30pm including time for lunch
£5.75 per pupil
Pick: 2 x Discovery Centre options
3/4  day
9:30am - 1:30pm including time for lunch
£6.75 per pupil
Pick: 3 x Discovery Centre options and 
1 x Outdoor and Turret House option
Full  day
9:30am - 2:30pm including time for lunch
£7.75 per pupil
Pick: 4 x Discovery Centre options and 
2 x Outdoor and Turret House options

Number One Options 
Discovery Centre

Tudor doctors 
Dress up as an apothecary, plague doctor and barber surgeon.
Ailments and cures
Discover weird and wonderful Tudor medicines.
Make a pomander
Protect yourself from illness by making a herb bag.
Inventories and quills 
Study Bess of Hardwickʼs inventories and write your own.
Mary,Queen of Scots on trial 
Look at the evidence and see if you would execute Mary

Number Two Options
Outdoor and Turret House

Plots and intrigue (Outdoor)
Hands on team activities to help Mary, Queen of Scots escape.
Riches and Servants (Outdoor)
Discover how Manor Lodge's rooms were used by rich and poor.
Explore the ruins (Outdoor, self led)
Spend longer amongst the ruins. Paper and clipboards provided for note taking and sketching.
Explore the Turret House (Self led)
Enjoy self led dressing up and more time in the Turret House. Paper and clipboard provided for note taking and sketching. 

Castles - KS1

Most activities can be delivered around “Life in a Castle” rather than The Tudors. Please let us know if you would prefer this option.

The Stone Age - KS2

Find out if you can survive the stone age through our hand on and immersive workshops. You'll tackle shelter building, fire-starting, hunting, cave painting and building a henge before becoming a fully fledged member of your very own stone age tribe. 

Set Workshop

These activities form our set 3/4 day school workshop.
9:30am - 1:30pm including time for lunch. 
£6.75 per pupil
Timeline Head back in time and see just how long ago the stone age was. 
Tools and Hunting Follow hunting development by identifying flint tools, making your own spear, tracking deer and having a go at archery.
Shelter and fire building Using branches and furs build your own shelter for your tribe and try to light a fire using stone age tools.
Cave painting by candlelight Study pictographs before creating your own by (led) candlelight.
Prehistoric monument Enjoy a team game to roll boulders across the landscape and build a henge.
Download our stone age booking form to help you plan your dayPrintable Stone Age workshop activities information

Booking and Questions

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