Stone Age Hunter School Sessions at Sheffield Manor Lodge

January 25, 2018

Come and join our Stone Age Hunter school sessions at Sheffield Manor Lodge

We want to say a big thank you as we recently received a grant from the St Georges Society to improve our Stone Age Hunter school sessions. So, we've invested in fire starting kits, faux fur for our hut buildings and childrens costumes, stone henge blocks and hats for our history timeline. We've already started using them with schools and its made them so much more fun and immersive for pupils.

Here's the team at Sheffield Sheffield Manor Lodge having a play with the new equipment. Well, someone's got to field test it before the kids arrive! Our stone age sessions are friendly and fun, focusing on informal education sessions.

Stone Age Hunter School Sessions 2

The team are Education Officer, Kate (in the blue hat) and Education assistants, Rachel (in Roman Helmet) and Denise (in the Georgian wig).

Stone Age Hunter School Sessions 3

About the session

In the session pupils discover how people survived in the harsh stone age conditions. To eat they must learn tracking and hunting skills including making their own spear. They see how this became easier as weapons developed into bows and arrows. Protection from the elements is vital so shelters from branches and furs are built and they try and start a fire using a bow and drill kit.Choose from one of two final activities (or both!).

Option 1: The hunters will consider what stone circles were used for, before racing against each other to move the giant stones of Stone Henge across site on rollers and going through a tribal initiation ceremony.

Option 2: Imagine squeezing your way into a dark cave to find the perfect place to create a pictograph. Children will have a go at painting by candlelight with their own paint and feather brushes.

The session is £4 per pupil and for an extra £1 per pupil you can choose both options extending the visit by 45 minutes.

KS2 National Curriculum Links: Changes in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age

As well as the Stone Age sessions, in 2018 we are launching a KS4 Mary Queen of Scots session, so keep an eye out. We also run sessions on Tudor lifestyle and some of the wacky remedies that they used and believed worked in Tudor times. You can see more here

Get in touch on 0114 276 2828 ext 647 or email to book your session.


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